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Protect your whois record with whoisPROTECTOR
Protect your whois record with whoisPROTECTOR - only $9.95/year

Whois Protector
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Reclaim your Privacy!
Every time you register a domain name, your personal contact information is available on the Internet for anyone to see, including spammers, identity thieves, or telemarketers. Now there's a way to protect yourself and your domain name. Get private domain name registration through and!

The Truth About Owning a Domain Name
Did you know that ICANN, the international governing body for domain names, requires every Registrar to maintain a publicly accessible "Whois" database displaying all contact information for all domain names registered?

Protect Yourself
Now, you can keep your contact information from getting into the wrong hands. When you purchase a private domain name with, our partner, provides its contact information in the Whois database in place of yours—so your contact information is kept private—and you retain full control over your domain name without the risk.


whoisPROTECTOR Benefits

  • No more domain-related spam
  • Protection from identity theft and fraud
  • Put a stop to data mining
  • Protection from name hijackers
  • Put a stop to harassing telemarketers
  • Protection from stalkers
  • Retain full control of your domain name


whoisPROTECTOR Features

Keep Your Contact Information Private
Keeping your personal information out of the hands of potential spammers, identity thieves and name hijackers is serious business. To satisfy ICANN's requirements while keeping your privacy protected, WhoisProtector provides its contact information in the Whois database in place of yours-so your contact information is kept private-and you retain full control over your domain name without the risk.

You Retain Control
Even though the domain name is registered with WhoisProtector's contact information, you retain complete control and can cancel, sell, renew or transfer your domain and configure the name server setting.

Private Email Address
WhoisProtector creates a private email address for you that will be used for your domain registration. When messages come to this address, you control how they are handled by defining when messages should be forwarded to.

Private Postal Address
Since the WhoisProtector postal address will be provided for the Whois database, you will be notified by email if any first class, registered or couriered mail, that appears to be of a legal nature, is delivered on your behalf. You have the option to have the mail forwarded to you, returned to sender or discarded. Email notification will include a description of the mail and any applicable postage and handling fees that will be applied to forward the mail to you.

Have questions? Check out our WhoisProtector FAQs.

How Do I Get It?
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