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Frequently Asked Questions on Domain Registrar Transfer


What is a registrar transfer?
A registrar transfer is the act of moving a domain name from one domain registrar to another. For example, you might move your domain name from your current registrar to DomainPeople to take advantage of the stability, domain forwarding, free web page or customer support. Transferring registrars will not affect your e-mail or existing web site in any way.


What is a domain name registrar?
A domain name registrar is the organization or company responsible for providing domain name registration services to the public. A domain name registrar is either authorized by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, an organization dedicated to Internet governance) to provide registration services for the .com, .net and .org global top-level domain names, or is authorized by its respective government to register domain names within a specific ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain name extension). CIRA provides this function in Canada. A registrar must also be authorized by the registry of a Top Level Domain to act as an agent of the registry to process domain name registrations, where the agent is not a reseller. The registrar is also responsible for creating and maintaining a WHOIS database for its customers.

What are the benefits of transferring my domain(s) to DomainPeople through
Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by switching to DomainPeople through

  • Free one-page web site
  • Unlimited e-mail forwarding
  • Domain forwarding
  • Customizable DNS zone manager allows you to create CNAMES, A records, MX entries, and more for your domains.
  • 24/7 toll-free customer support
  • Additional year, added to your current registration term (total term not to exceed 10 years) upon transfer
  • Real-time domain manager allows you to easily manage your domain names online
  • Access to the latest top level domains, from .com to .biz
  • Knowledge that you are with an authorized, ICANN-accredited domain registrar

How do I transfer my domain name to DomainPeople through
All you need is a valid credit card and approval from the administrative contact for the domain name (on file with the current registrar). Use our automatic transfer form to submit your transfer request online.

What happens after I've submitted my request?
Once we have received your transfer request, an e-mail is sent to the administrative contact to authorize the transfer request. In the interest of security, each authorization request is completed by logging into a secure web page using a unique order number and password.

If you do not have access to the administrative e-mail address, be sure to change the e-mail contact before initiating a transfer request. The transfer MUST be authorized by the administrative contact.

The next steps

  • Once the request has been confirmed, DomainPeople processes the transfer request by contacting the registry.
  • The registry then notifies your current registrar of the transfer request.
  • The current registrar is given five days to grant or deny the transfer request.
  • If no response is received within the five-day period, the transfer request is granted to DomainPeople.
  • The current registrar may request additional confirmation from you. Please reply to any such requests promptly to ensure the completion of the transfer.
  • The transfer process takes five to 10 calendar days to be completed.
  • Once your domain is successfully transferred, we send you notification by e-mail.


What are the guidelines for transferring registrars?

  • All top level domain names can be transferred to DomainPeople through our automated service.
  • The domain name(s) undergoing the transfer cannot currently be involved in a dispute or on registry lock.
  • Your domain name must have been registered for at least 60 days with your current registrar.
  • You must ensure that either the administrative contact replies to the confirmation request sent to the e-mail address on file with the current domain registrar.


How much does the registrar transfer service cost?
There is a $24.95 USD* fee for the registrar transfer service, which includes one additional registration year added to your remaining registration term (term not to exceed 10 years.) Your credit card will only be charged once the domain has successfully transferred to DomainPeople. Please ensure that the request will be accepted by the current registrar, prior to initiating and paying for the registrar transfer services.

Do you offer automated transfers for multiple domains?
Yes! You can transfer over 100 domains at once time using our automated transfer system. Even better, you will only receive one e-mail confirmation message from DomainPeople for the entire transfer.

What types of domains can you transfer?
You can transfer most global top level domains including .com, net, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .ca, .us and .name.


How long does the registrar transfer process take to complete?
Once you have initiated and confirmed the registrar transfer, the transfer process takes approximately 5 to 10 calendar days to be completed. Be aware that transfers require the co-operation of both registrars, so complications can delay (or even prevent) the transfer from completing.


Will there be any disruption to my web site or e-mail when I transfer registrars?
No. Your web site and e-mail services will not be affected. The transfer does not affect the DNS information, associated with a domain name at the time of transfer. You may modify the DNS after your domain name has been successfully transferred to DomainPeople.


Can a registrar transfer request be rejected?
Your current registrar has the ability to reject a domain name transfer request initiated by DomainPeople in the following situations:

  • The transfer request was initiated within the first 60 days of the original registration date.
  • A dispute over the domain name.
  • A pending bankruptcy of the domain name holder.
  • A dispute over the identity of the domain name holder.
  • The discretion of the registrar
  • The domain is close to its expiry date
    You will be notified via e-mail in the event that your domain name cannot be transferred due to one of the above reasons.


Where can I view the current status of my registrar transfer request?
Once you have submitted the registrar transfer form, you will receive an e-mail with a link, an order number and Access Key so you can track the status of your transfer request.