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michael furdyk is taking his domain global

Through my experience as president and founder of, I've come to an understanding that behind every registration of a domain name lays a purpose. Further More, behind most domain projects is a story of passion, excitement and inspiration. Who better to illustrate this point then Michael Furdyk, who became a dot com millionaire in 1999 at the age of 17.

Michael Furdyk is a young man and domain name owner with a vision and a compassionate heart. He has a unique understanding that the Internet has the power to create positive change if used responsibly and with a purpose. In the Internet world, Michael Furdyk is a domain name owner who I root for. I'm excited to share his story and new domain venture with you.  

Michael Furdyk is the co-founder of, a global non-profit online community for youth engaging members in over 195 countries. In the past, he has turned his interest of computers into a series of successful online companies, co-founding in 1997 (later sold to in 1999 for $1-million) and in 1999 (which closed a $4.5-million round of funding in late 2000). Over the last few years, Michael has done work for many large corporations, including Xerox, CIBC, IBM, and recently a 6-month consulting engagement with Microsoft in Seattle , Washington.  

As one of the "10 entrepreneurs who shaped the year 1999", according to Profit Magazine, and one of Teen People's "20 teens that will change the world (2000)", Michael has shared his experiences as a member of the Net Generation by speaking at many events, including two of Microsoft's Anytime, Anywhere Learning Summits, the Boca Raton gathering of The Business Council, and TED11. He has made numerous media appearances including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Time Magazine, Fast Company, Business 2.0, BusinessWeek, CNN, MSNBC , USA Today, Globe and Mail, and the National Post. He is also a frequent contributor to Canadian Business Magazine.  

I asked Michael Furdyk a few questions about his new domain venture. Here's what he had to say:  

Shaun Cronrath: What is the vision for your domain?

Michael Furdyk: is an outlet for my passion and excitement enabling young people to become empowered users of technology, using it to conquer any inhibitions they feel about their ability to change the world. Through both a vibrant online community, and active local initiatives led by youth from around the world, will instigate positive global change of unimaginable impact.  

Shaun Cronrath: What is the purpose of your domain?

Michael Furdyk: To inspire young people to follow their dreams. To inform young people about the wealth of opportunities that surrounds them. To involve young people in online and offline communities where members & mentors contribute to, and gain from the experience while fostering a sense of global awareness, collaboration, and leadership.  

Shaun Cronrath: How did you think of this idea?  

Michael Furdyk: Rollerblading down Parliament Hill in Ottawa Canada, my friend Jennifer Corriero and I reflected on the experiences we had racked up over the previous few years, consulting for major corporations, advising governments, speaking at big events - and being listened to. We wondered, "What if every young person was connected with the kind of opportunities we had?" grew out of that simple question and developed into a dynamic global network driven by youth.  

Shaun Cronrath: When did you realize that sharing your passion via could turn into something successful?  

Michael Furdyk: After press coverage about our ambitious plans for a dynamic youth-led network to augment the stagnant educational system and provide real opportunities and inspiration for youth emerged; attracted a crowd of support and success followed.  

Shaun Cronrath: How has your life changed since you registered and launched  

Michael Furdyk: I love the work we do at TIG, so my life has been great! I am super committed to the work we are doing and always talk about it. Since launching, I've got to travel all over the world and meet people from all walks of life. I've also been able to use these opportunities to speak with diverse audiences about my passion for technology, and important issues affecting the world.  

Shaun Cronrath: How has other peoples lives been effected since you registered and launched  

Michael Furdyk: has helped inspire over 10,000 youth members from over 195 countries to become informed and involved with their ideas and visions.  

Shaun Cronrath: As a successful domain name owner, any words of advice for people who want to use a domain name as a vehicle to share their passion in life?  

Michael Furdyk: Subscribe to the belief that passion and persistence will get you further than desire. Love what you do, and you'll do it well.