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Web Page Setup and E-mail Forwarding
With each domain registered, you receive a free business card web page, domain forwarding, url forwarding, unlimited e-mail forwarding, customizable dns and access to a password-protected account manager.

How do I sign up for the free business card web page, e-mail forwarding and domain forwarding?
Once you've registered your domain, simply go to the account manager through the client login area using your domain and password. Once inside, click on "additional services," and pick the service you would like to add.


How much does e-mail and domain forwarding cost?
There is no charge associated with these either of these services. However, if you use our free domain forwarding service, a small banner will be placed at the bottom of your web site. Our url forwarding service requires no banner.


How do I set up e-mail or domain forwarding?
1) Check to make sure that your domain is parked on the following DomainPeople name servers:

2) Go to the client login area, click on "additional services," and choose e-mail and/or domain forwarding from the drop down menu.


What features does the business card web page come with?
Our customizable business card web page is a great way to establish an immediate web presence using your new domain name. It's easy to set up, and allows you to insert a photo, a page of text, and several links.


Where do I go to edit and update my web site?
It's in the client login area and you don't need any specialized technical or HTML knowledge to set it up. This simple template allows you to add your contact information, text, a graphic, three links and choose from one of eight background designs.


I already have a web site. How can I get my new domain name to point to my web site?
With our free domain forwarding service, you can direct visitors from your newly registered domain to your existing web site. When a visitor enters your new web address, for example,, in the web browser, your existing web site appears on the screen. To use our free domain forwarding service, a small banner will be placed at the bottom of your web site.


What web address will people see when I forward my domain?
Our domain forwarding service is framed, which means that when a visitor enters your newly registered domain in the web browser, your existing web site appears on the screen. However, instead of the existing web site's domain (such as appearing in the address field, the newly registered domain is displayed.


As a business, how can I use domain forwarding to increase sales?
With domain forwarding, you can point all your domain names for a variety of product lines to your main web site. For example, the owner of a business called might have other domain names that reflect product lines such as,, and Domain forwarding ensures that all visitors to these product domain names are automatically redirected to You can modify the destination domain at any time.


Can I use my new domain name to receive e-mail?
Yes, by using our free e-mail forwarding service, this allows you to create an e-mail address that matches your newly registered domain name. Messages sent to your new e-mail address are automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail address. If your new e-mail address is, you could have your e-mail directed to


Can I use these services if my domain is not registered with
No. You need to be a customer; however, you may transfer your domain to us and use these services.


How do I retrieve a lost/forgotten password?
Submit your domain name, and we'll e-mail your password to all the contacts listed for your domain.


I have a business card web page, but I require more features. How do I upgrade?
If you require a hosting account with advanced features such as, POP e-mail accounts, e-commerce or media streaming, you will need to sign up to a web hosting account. Choose a package that works best for you or your business.


How do I check the status of my domain name registration?
Go to your account manager through the client login by entering your domain name and password to find out the status of your account.


My domain name is not registered after several days. What should I do?
First, access your account by going to the client login, Enter your domain name and password. Once you login, it will display your current registration status. If your domain name is not registered within three business days, e-mail us at and request a domain name registration status report. Please include your domain name and the date of payment.


What should I do if I do not receive a confirmation e-mail?
Please e-mail with your domain name and the date of order.


How do I change my contact information?
You can make changes to your contact information in the account manager. Go to the client login, enter your domain name and password, and change your contact information.


I want to move my domain name to my web host or Internet Service Provider. How do I do it?
Simply use the client login to modify the Domain Name Server (DNS) information for your new web host. They will provide you with this information.