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What is .PRO?
.PRO is unlike any other domain name extension to date. It is exclusively available to professionals who certify that they meet the requirements of their profession and provide eligibility information with their registration. To facilitate private and confidential communications, .PRO will be the first registry to bundle a digital certificate with every domain name, which will provide the ability to send encrypted and non-repudiated email. Other security services such as time-stamping and electronic notarization are also possible.

Who Can Register?
You may register a .Pro domain for your profession if you are a professional licensed in the engineering, medical, legal, or accounting fields in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Germany. Registration includes a web address, digital certificate, professional validation, free additional services such as domain and E-Mail forwarding, business-card webpage, and online domain control panel.

Why Should I Register A .PRO Domain?
Professionals spend years in school to further their education, years in training and preparation to pass strict exams and finally achieve a license to practice in their field of specialty. Along with maintaining their image and credibility, a professional must earn the trust of his/her client. This is easy to establish in person, but difficult to convey over the Internet. In the physical world professionals and their clients can have private and confidential discussions, face to face or telephonically. To ensure trust online and conduct business with propriety, communications and transactions must remain private and secure. RegistryPro offers a way to solve this challenge with the new Top Level Domain (TLD) extension .PRO, a unique domain name with a bundled ProCert professional digital certificate to enable secure communications.

Also included is a validation process that cross-verifies the registrant's self-certified personal identity and professional information against appropriate licensing databases (i.e. state, or jurisdiction specific). This ensures visitors to your website, or clients communicating with you via email, that they are indeed dealing with a certified professional.

Third-Level .Pro Registrations

Third-level .Pro domains include a professional designation label in the domain that defines the profession that applies to the registrant. There are currently four professions that are included in the .Pro name space- some of these include regional specific variations of the professional label:

  • . | for engineers
  • | | | for attorneys
  • | for physicians
  • | | for accountants
  • .pro | available for anyone who has one or more of the above domains

Second-Level .Pro Registrations
If you have completed a third-level .Pro registration you now qualify for a second-level .Pro registration! An A/V check is NOT required for 2nd level domains.
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