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Frequently Asked Questions on .NAME


Who can register a .name domain?
.Name is designed exclusively for individuals. Any person can register a .name domain.
Are there any restrictions?

A .name can be:

• your personal name.
• the name of a fictional character for which you hold the trademark or service mark.
• your personal name with additional characters (for example,

A .name must:

• be composed of a first and last name.
• have at least 1 character and no more than 63 characters in the first name.
• have at least 3 characters and no more than 63 characters in the second name.
• use only letters, numbers or hyphen ("-") Please Note: domains cannot begin or end with a hyphen.


What will my web address look like?
The hypothetical Jennifer Smith could register some variation of her name and use it as her e-mail and web address.


Domain Name E-mail Web Address

You must have at least three letters in the second part of your domain name. For example, is not a valid domain name while is valid.
I already have an e-mail account. Can I use my new domain name as an e-mail address?
You may have e-mail sent to your .name e-mail account forwarded to your existing e-mail account. For example, all messages sent to would be forwarded to Please note that you must select the .name e-mail option from the domain order form.


If I order the $24.95 domain, do I still receive e-mail?
Yes. You receive our standard e-mail (and forwarding) with your $24.95 .name domain. In the case of Jennifer.smith, her e-mail would take the form of or


What's the difference between the DomainPeople e-mail and the .name e-mail service?
For $24.95, you receive an e-mail such as For an extra $10, you receive a more direct and useful ".name e-mail" that takes this form: As well, the .name e-mail comes with spam filters.


How do I change the e-mail forwarding recipient for my .name e-mail address?
Login to the account manager, select additional services, followed by e-mail forwarding and mail control panel to re-direct mail sent to your .name address to an existing e-mail account.


How long can I register my .name domain for?
A .name domain may be registered for a minimum of one and a maximum of two years.


What are the registration fees?
A successfully registered .name domain costs $34.95 per year for the domain including the .name e-mail. You may also buy a domain name without the .name e-mail for $24.95 USD.


What additional services do I get with my .name domain registration?
If your domain is successfully registered, you'll receive a free web page, free e-mail forwarding, free domain forwarding, and DNS customization.


Who operates the .name registry?
The .name registry is operated by the Global Name Registry. It is located at