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.Mobi For Business!

.mobi For Business | .mobi For Fun | .mobi For Domainers

If you are a business owner, this is why you should get a .mobi domain name:

mobi for business
  1. Register .mobi with us and receive a FREE .mobi compliant business card webpage!
    Start your .mobi online presence immediately!
  2. Remember, Google is one of the investors of .mobi! Your customers will be able to do a Google search for your .mobi site!  (check it out )
  3. It’s inexpensive and hassle free for your customers to use the .mobi websites from a mobile device!
  4. Your customers will know that .mobi websites are created exclusively for mobile devices. Your website with the .mobi domain name will be a green light for your customers. 
  5. Put your contact information on your .mobi website and your customers will get a hold of you anytime!
  6. Add a map with your office location and your customers will find you easily, when they are on the go and need directions.
  7. Tell your customers what you offer and they will be able to view your product line anytime, anywhere!


Stay tuned for more…