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how to set up email forwarding in 10 easy steps
Are you using your domain name in your e-mail address? It's easier than you think to set up your e-mail address and forward messages to your existing e-mail account. Enable forwarding and add an unlimited number or aliases (such a info@, mom@, president@) through your account manager following the steps below.

Step 1: Login to your account manager.

Step 2: Click "Additional Services."

Step 3: Select the "New Service" drop down menu by clicking the arrow.

Step 4: Choose "E-mail Forwarding."

Step 5: Click "Save."

Step 6: Click the " Mail Control Panel" Button.

Step 7: Once you're in the "Mail Control Area", enter an e-mail alias into the first box under the heading Alias ( Mail Forward Entry.

Step 8: Enter the e-mail address you'd like your e-mail to forward to in the empty space under the heading destination, and press "Save/Update."

Step 9: Enter as many aliases as you want.

Step 10: Made a mistake or want to make a small change? Simply delete the address, click save, and begin again.

Need more help? Consult the help menu for detailed explanations and instructions.