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What is Domain and URL Forwarding?
URL Forwarding and Domain Forwarding lets you point your domain name address (URL) to another home page or web site.

For example: can point to
It can point to any site you choose. When someone goes to your domain name's address, they will be instantly sent to the site you have chosen. For URL Forwarding, your domain name address will not stay in the browser's address window, but will show the new forwarded address. With Domain Forwarding, your domain name address will stay in the browser's address window, but the bottom of the web site will show a banner.

This allows you to buy a domain name and then forward it to a free hosting site, or any other site where you do not have a static IP number. This is not your only option. Because you own your domain name, you can also forward extensions such as .org, .net and more to your main website.


How do I set up page forwarding?
Step 1 - Click on Client Login. Input your domain name, e.g. "" and the password you received when you purchased your domain name. Then Login.

Step 2 - To set up page forwarding, click on the button that says "Additional Services."

Step 3 - Select "URL Forwarding" or “Domain Forwarding” from the drop down box, type the address of the page you would like people who you come to your domain name address to be directed, e.g. Please include the "http://www". Click on save, logout, and you're finished. Now whenever someone enters your domain name address, they will immediately be sent to the address where your website is actually hosted.