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Serving The Public Interest
.ORG is the home of noncommercial organizations on the Internet. It is the domain name that people use to build Web sites encompassing a wide range of noncommercial activity, including education, philanthropy, personal projects, arts and culture, community and civic activities, social and fraternal organizations, and more. In addition, organizations who have significant noncommercial activity, like large corporations with charitable activities, may want to use a .ORG for their community-oriented activities. .ORG allows you to tap a global audience that shares your passion for whatever noncommercial purpose you are pursuing.

.ORG Benefits:

  • TRADITION: .ORG is populated with respected noncommercial entities.
  • TRUST: .ORG is highly trusted by Internet users; a crucial factor for a successful nonprofit.
  • TARGETING: .ORG is the most visited TLD for information on noncommercial entities; noncommercial entities should locate their sites where people will look for and find them.

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