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.INFO is the fastest-growing web address in the history of the Internet, created to supplement .com. .INFO is the only unrestricted, new Top Level Domain (TLD). Anyone - individuals, clubs, businesses and associations - can all easily register one. .INFO signifies information in almost all languages so people around the world will recognize your domain name instantly. Intuitive, easy to use, and universally recognized, .INFO names are your opportunity to reach a worldwide audience with information about you, your products, and your ideas.

.INFO Benefits:

  • Businesses . .INFO domain names open up a world of business possibilities. Use them for completely new sites, or as a way of supplementing your existing site.
  • Marketers . Thousands of leading companies have already secured their .INFO names. They're getting short, memorable names that garner marketing responses!
  • Trademark owners . Registration is an easy and effective way to protect your brand and intellectual property.
  • Individuals .
  • Organizations . Use the globally recognized .INFO name to spread your information to a worldwide audience.

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