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second-level .pro registrations

Do not miss the rush! Please select a Secondlevel .PRO service package to compliment your Thirdlevel .PRO registration. Now only $119.00 USD.

What is a Second Level Resolving Name?
RegistryPro offers second level names (e.g., to registrants who provide multiple professional services and meet two or more eligibility requirements. Examples of organizations that would qualify are accounting firms (providing both legal and accounting service), financial service providers (offering accounting and legal advice). Rather than being restricted to having two or more third-level names with the associated second level professional designation (e.g., and, eligible registrants can also register a second name (e.g., to use for their website, email, and other internet identify applications.

What is a Second Level Redirecting Name?
If a registrant provides professional service as a medical, legal or accounting professional and has registered a third-level domain under that profession, registration can also be performed on the second-level. In this case the registration will require a redirect to the third-level professional designator that corresponds to the registrantxiís professional area. For example, a lawyer or law firm could register for in addition to The second-level name would be redirected to a corresponding third-level designator per a service provided by RegistryPro which is included in the price of the Second-Level Redirecting product.